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Straight Surgical Peripheral Guiding Catheter

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Product Description

Use of guiding catheters should be restricted to those specialists
trained to perform procedures for which the product is indicated.
Complications may occur at any time during or after the procedure
and may include, but are not limited to, the following: hemorrhage,
hematoma, allergic reaction, infection, embolism, blood vessel dissection or occlusion.

Recommended Procedure
1) Remove the guiding catheter from its packaging using
sterile techniques.
2) Flush the guiding catheter lumen with a heparinized
saline solution.
3) Appropriate anticoagulation and vasodilation therapy
should be used.
4) Introduce the guiding catheter into the vasculature through
the catheter sheath introducer, and/or over an indwelling
guidewire using a percutaneous entry technique of choice.
5) Under fluoroscopic guidance, advance the guiding catheter over
the guidewire or introducer until the desired position is attained.
6) Remove the guidewire prior to introduction of other
intravascular devices or infusion of contrast agents.


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