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Zebra Guidewire

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Ultra smooth, swimmingly fine crossing anatomy, well controlled


Product Description


Used to gain ureteral access, to establish a tract, and to assist in the placement, replacement, and exchange of medical devices during urological procedures. May also be used for catheter positioning and exchange in a tortuous or kinked ureter, traversing a stone en route to the kidney, or in cases demanding enhanced control and high radiopacity.


  • Hydrophilic coated tip or PTFE tip to choose from. Sturdy core provides great kind-resistance and maneuverability.

  • Hydrophilic tip: The hydrophilic soft atraumatic tip in seamless design provides flexibility and minimizes trauma. Enhanced visualization for accurate positioning.

  • PTFE tip: The zebra pattern tip is easier to recognize the guidewire movement under fluoroscopy, reduce radiation exposure during device exchange process.



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